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Seles Tax Auditing Defense  

We provide sales tax auditing services in the best possible customizable way to customers’ needs and conduct by our AP Audits.

Our sales tax audit involves the identification and recovery of sales and use taxes or exempt from sales/use tax or non-taxable, and overpaid sales tax on goods or services. We prepare and assemble all necessary documentation  after identifying the overpayments in order to secure any eligible or deserved refunds or tax rulings that substantiate refunds. 

In order to collect overpaid taxes, we follow the procedures of pertinent procedures of the state of Texas, client preference and whether a state audit is already underway.

Your business will not be affected or interrupted during the process of refund, and our consultation and tax services will allow you minimize future state tax exposure through the creation and implementation of best practices standards and benefit from tax saving in the future.

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