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Business Licenses

After starting a business, incorporating, or forming an LLC, a business license may be required.  US ProCorp offers a full suite of business license services ranging from Business License Research through applying for and securing a business license in any U.S. county or state.

Business License Compliance Package.

We do the research and provide you with all the licensing requirements and forms. You get the licensing and permit answers you need to keep your business in compliance.

With our Business License Compliance Package, we'll research your business so we can tell you which business licenses, permits, and tax registrations you need for your geographical location and type of business. We also include the actual applications, so you can quickly take care of your compliance requirements.

Starting a business is rewarding, but not always easy. You’ve got enough to worry about in providing great products or services, getting customers in the door, and generating revenue, so let this business license guide help you easily determine what type of business permits you need to start your business.

Every single business will need one or more types of business licenses, permits & tax forms filled out before it can begin operations. This guide is designed to help you determine which your business needs.


Examples of Business Licenses

If you plan to start a retail business, you may need a fictitious name registration, specialty business license, and sales tax registration. You may need others as well, depending on what you plan to sell.

If you plan to open a restaurant, you’ll need one or more of the following business licenses:

  • Prepared Food/Beverage Tax License

  • Business Tax License

  • Alcohol License

Along with your business licenses, you may be subject to inspections, both initially and then each year. It’s important that your office, retail shop, or restaurant is clean and that you meet the regulations for your industry so that you can maintain your business license status. If you don’t, you risk being shut down.


Why You Need Business Permits

While your main objective is to make money, your customers want to ensure that the places where they spend money won’t cheat them. That’s why business license agencies exist: to protect the customers. Being licensed by the agency shows your customers that you meet federal and state regulations for safety, cleanliness, and honesty, which helps them trust your business.

This business license guide is designed to help you with what you need to know about applying for business licenses and permits before you start running your business.


We’re Here to Help You With Business License Information

Here, we give you the information you need about each type of business license, as well as information about whether or not you need it, what you need to do to file for your business license and what the process looks like.

No matter what type of business license you need, we’ve got the information to help you.

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